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A message from The 2874 Trust “We asked a while ago for nominations for The 2874 Trust in Ecclesiastical Insurance’s “Movement for Good” and many of our supporters went on-line and did so. Thanks to those nominations and to Ecclesiatical (now called the Benefact Group) for donating the funds we are one of the 250 lucky


It is quite a while since we posted an update on 3850’s progress – various lockdowns have got in the way! Our last news was of splitting the frames from the cylinders – we have now put them back together with the brand new cylinders – here is the story…..

Help the 2874 Trust

This December the trust are raising funds to manufacture a new Smokebox – estimated cost is £5000 so that is the target in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. The Trust needs your help!   There is £2500 match funding in place – so every £1 donated is worth £2 to the 2874 Trust You Can Double

A New on-Line Shopping Experience

Many of you have already purchased our branded clothing – profits all go towards keeping our locos “in steam” – unfortunately for us, our supplier has “outgrown” our requirements and can no longer supply our needs – fortunately, we have found another company who can do so and even offer us a wider range.  We

Dinmore on Tour

7820 Dinmore Manor is off on tour – a request for help came in to the GWSR from the East Lancs Railway to see if a replacement for the failed Union of South Africa could be provided. We agreed that we would help out – and visit the North West for the first time. The

A BIG Step Forward

On Monday 10th May two large cranes arrived at Toddington to turn the new cylinder assembly over. As the process got underway we had a “variety” of weather conditions…. A little later and the cylinder assembly has been turned over and turned round as well as the trolley and all is ready to go back

Here For Culture

Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd to receive £12,800 from second round of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd among more than 2,700 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund  This award will allow us to support the specialist contractors who are so vital to

Railway Magazine

Back in 2017, The Railway Magazine published a major article on our company (Dinmore and more….) This article has now been made available “free to view” on their archive – for anyone who wants a look the link is HERE

Culture Recovery Fund

Culture creates jobs, supports livelihoods, and brings joy to everyone. The UK leads the world in the creative industries and we can all feel pride in that.  Now, in these challenging times, it’s our turn to show our support for culture. With an unprecedented investment through the £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund, the government is #HereForCulture so it