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On Monday 10th May two large cranes arrived at Toddington to turn the new cylinder assembly over.

The cylinder assembly (on the boiler trolley borrowed from Foremark Hall) sits between the cranes as the lift process is finalised

As the process got underway we had a “variety” of weather conditions….

Where has the blue sky gone? The assembly has been turned over and is in the process of being reversed

A little later and the cylinder assembly has been turned over and turned round as well as the trolley and all is ready to go back inside

Passing the machine shop

Once back in the shed, the assembly is offered up to the frames

Getting closer!

A few days later the work continues. Next the trolley is set down onto greased iron girders and a hydraulic jack used to (very carefully) move the two components together.

A while later and the frame extensions are snug inside the frames.

We now need to do the very technical bit of aligning the cylinders with the frames (using laser technology) before drilling the holes in the frame extensions to match the waiting holes in the frames (these can just be seen to the left of the cylinder on the grey patch).

For more pictures, go to the “This is how we do it page” on the website