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Here you will find all of the latest updates about our ongoing overhauls and restorations projects. Currently, we are working through 3850’s heavy overhaul, whilst also working with The 2874 Trust supporting the restoration of 2874.

3850 Overhaul

  • Progress
    It is quite a while since we posted an update on 3850’s progress – various lockdowns have got in the way! Our last news was of splitting
  • Splitting the frames
    Friday January 25th saw 3850’s cylinders and frames stretchers split from the mainframe to facilitate the fitting of the new cylinders Blocks and accommodation bogies ready to
  • News of 3850’s Cylinder Casting
    We have just received these photographs of one of the two new castings for 3850 – this is fresh out of the mould and, in the words
  • 3850 Update
    The overhaul is coming on – the boiler is de-tubed, out of the frames and being needle-gunned ready for Non Destructive Testing to establish the extent of
  • The Story begins….
    3850 had its last day in service on 30th September 2015 before beginning a heavy overhaul.  The loco has run for 1202 days in traffic and covered

2874 Restoration