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Dapol have released their limited edition OO model of Dinmore Manor.  This is available only through their own website or from the DML sales stand which will be at the STEAM model railway show on 10th/11th September at Swindon and at the GWSR Mixed Traffic Gala on 29th/30th October.

Dapol will be making a significant donation to both ourselves and the GWSR for every model sold – the sounds were recorded on the GWSR.

The link https://www.dapol.co.uk/collections/steam-locomotives-2/products/4s-001-008d-oo-dinmore-manor-7820-in-br-early-crest-mt-lined-black-dcc?variant=43341676282079should take you to the Dapol shop – the Sound fitted models are due in stock shortly.