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Ever wondered how we turn out a working locomotive?

Our photo album of “work in progress” may help answer the question!

The pictures show a whole range of activities – and show that there is a task that can suite anyone, no matter what age, gender or skill level.

Remember – we are always looking for new volunteers to join our friendly team – full training available – e-mail 7820dmll@btinternet.com for full details (and if you don’t wish to be “hands on” we also welcome armchair supporters – same e-mail for details)

Tina being shown the next task which will be grinding off old rivets – mask, goggles and ear defenders all at the ready

Andrew working on the same section – here he is drilling a pilot hole before using the mag-drill (seen over his shoulder) to drill a larger hole. Once the centre of the rivet is hollowed out, the rivet buster can be used to remove it completely

Eleanor working on a tender suspension bracket during a full overhaul
Brake shaft being fully refurbished with a new sleeve machined and fitted
Here is the sleeve being heated prior to fitting – it will shrink to a permanent fit
The more technical aspects! Here a valve chamber is being bored out to remove the effects of wear – a larger valve head will be required
Copper pipework cleaned up – next action will be annealing before refitting to the loco
Newly overhauled wheel set – now comes the painting – at least 7 coats required
Davindra showing a brass fitting that he and Tony had designed and then machined from a solid block
Roger needle-gunning a loco boiler – this then gets subjected to non-destructive testing to establish the overhaul needs
Some work is “heavy engineering” – removal of a superheater header
Cleaned and painted pipework – the artist is Ray
Dan at work on cab construction
Richard and David test assembling the overhauled brake rigging before fitting on the loco
Alex on cleaning duty
Angela and Tim on dismantling duty
Donna and Will – degreasing before painting a wheel set
Dave and Tracy being artistic!
Mark tests for loose rivets
Sam checking the movement of the hydraulic jack when removing the cylinders from loco 3850
How many people does it take to move a wheel set?
Relaxation time – Angela and Roger take time out
Hydraulic press to replace a worn sleeve
Davindra and Tony making sure the axle box crowns are a perfect fit on the axle
The major task of splitting the loco has been successfully completed
Seb Welsh needle-gunning a wheel set
Mark drills while Ian watches – assembling a new drag box on a tender
Valves are heavy! Sam’s face says it all
Mark cleans up – painting next
It came out – it must go back
Some jobs are easier than others – Chairman Kenneth Sims supervises Patron Paul Atterbury on cake cutting duties on a special day
David, Mike and Ray on cab construction duty
Jeremy is the artist this time
Mark and Len cleaning up valve heads
Sam getting “up close”
Removing rivets to release the front buffer beam – PPE prevents identification!
Newly shot blasted frames getting the paint treatment

Monday 10th May 2021 was a big day – 3850’s new cylinder assembly was turned the right way round – ready for re-uniting with the frames. Follow the links for a photo album of the day and a video – thanks to David Holmes and David Foster for the pictures