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It is quite a while since we posted an update on 3850’s progress – various lockdowns have got in the way!

Our last news was of splitting the frames from the cylinders – we have now put them back together with the brand new cylinders – here is the story…..

One the two new cylinders freshly cast in the foundry
Mike and Harry – working on the upturned cylinder assembly fixing the new frame extensions and supporting parts
Turning over the cylinder assembly – needs two large cranes
Assembly now being re-united with the frames
Now bolted back together – after drilling the new frame extension to match the old frames and making new bolts to fit
Next – refitting the buffer beam assembly – unfortunately this was found not to fit well to the new frame extensions and the whole assembly has been replaced
Optical alignment played a large part in ensuring everything went back together correctly – then again to prepare for axle horn grinding
Newly ground axle horns
Axle boxes dismantled ready for new crowns
Pony Truck axle box newly white metalled – ready for machining
Mark refitting newly annealed pipework – nice to see things going back on
Drop links overhauled and refitted
During lockdown these parts went into Ray’s bathroom for painting
Brake hanger brackets overhauled and about to go back on
A big thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund for their assistance when we were not earning hire fees – their grant allowed us to support our contractors through the difficult period