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It is quite a while since we posted an update on 3850’s progress – various lockdowns have got in the way! Our last news was of splitting the frames from the cylinders – we have now put them back together with the brand new cylinders – here is the story…..

Splitting the frames

Friday January 25th saw 3850’s cylinders and frames stretchers split from the mainframe to facilitate the fitting of the new cylinders Blocks and accommodation bogies ready to take the weight. Frame stretcher moving away from the frames Hydraulic power keeps it moving JOB DONE and a happy crew! Now we need to get the new

3850 Update

The overhaul is coming on – the boiler is de-tubed, out of the frames and being needle-gunned ready for Non Destructive Testing to establish the extent of work required to get it back to work. The primed sections have been “done” – since these shots were taken quite a lot more has been completed. The

The Story begins….

3850 had its last day in service on 30th September 2015 before beginning a heavy overhaul.  The loco has run for 1202 days in traffic and covered 81,988 miles since entering service in March 2006  – all but 46 days of the service were on the West Somerset Railway, the other days being a visit