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Many of you have purchased our branded clothing – profits all go towards keeping our locos “in steam”.

We have recently set up a new way of supplying the goods – in the past we have had to carry a fairly large stock to ensure we have the size and colour of garment that our customers want – inevitably there have been times when we have not got the right size – also, we have had to place fairly large orders to get a good price.

We have just entered an arrangement with a Cheltenham based company who will supply our branded items to order – they have set up an on-line shop for us which has allowed us to expand the range of clothes we can offer – and, best of all, we no longer need to keep a stock ourself.

The system works by simply going on to the web-site, placing the order and paying for the goods and delivery – Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd then receives the profit on the sale – we can set the prices to ensure we are competitive and still put something towards the locos.

Follow this link to the DINMORE MANOR ON-LINE SHOP