12 noon – 1st December

Our friends at The 2874 Trust need your help – the Trust has been accepted as one of the 700+ charities to take part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge – a ‘week of giving’ from 1st to 8th December. During the week donations made towards the Trust’s target of £2000 through the Big Give website will be doubled – e.g. you donate £25, the 2874 Trust receives £50 (+ Gift Aid if an eligible donor).

The match funding comes from a group of friends who have pledged £1000 and a further £1000 from an outside champion (The Reed Foundation) who have been found by The Big Give organisation.

Full details below from the 2874 Trust website. The plan is to use the funds raised to carry out the horn-grinding on the loco as an essential step towards getting the loco back on its (newly overhauled) wheels.

One Donation – Twice the Impact

Our aim is to raise £4000 in the Big Give Christmas Challenge

£4000 will pay for the work on the “horns” (the place in the frames where the axle boxes sit).  This is an essential step towards re-wheeling our loco and opening up further opportunities for our volunteers to continue their training and development whilst progressing our restoration.

How does it work?   If we can raise £2000 from youour supporters, this amount will be doubled with match funding – giving us a total of £4000.  

The first £1000 of match funding has already been pledged by some friends of the Trust – the second £1000of match funding comes from the “champion” found for us by The Big Give, namely ‘The Reed Foundation’

To get these match funds we have to raise £2000.  Once we meet our target everything over will be spent on further essential restoration work.  No donation too large!

Donations have to be made during the campaign (1st to 8th December) and must be made by debit/credit card through the Big Give website.  Go to https://donate.thebiggive.org.uk and enter The 2874 Trust in the ‘Find a Charity’ search box, that takes you to our dedicated page (and we can get Gift Aid on top from eligible donors).

Will you please help us on the way to our milestone of re-wheeling?

Thank You